One Lovely Blog Award


I am very honored to have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Cindy French.  You can view Cindy’s blog at  Cindy is a lovely, new friend of mine who offers stories that are “stranger than fiction” about facing life with hope and confidence no matter what the diagnosis.  Thank you, Cindy, for honoring me with this award!

Now, I’m supposed to tell you ten things about myself, so here goes:

1)  I am married to the love of my life.

2)  I have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

3)  The greatest joy of my life is ministering God’s word and healing to those who are hurting.

4)  I am the youngest of five children.

5)  I enjoy reading, writing, crocheting, and traveling.

6)  I am retired.

7)  My day begins with a special time in worship and prayer with my Lord Jesus!

8)  For health and fitness I am walking 7-8 miles daily.

9)  I’m not used to having to think of so much to say about myself!

10)  I would rather talk about Jesus and what He is doing in the lives of people than anything else!

Since I am relatively new to the Word Press blogging family I have not had much time to get acquainted with other bloggers so my ability to nominate others is very limited.  I’m supposed to nominate 10, but I don’t have that many so here are the ones that I think deserve the special recognition of the “One Lovely Blog Award”.



I want to thank all my readers for visiting my blogs and leaving such encouraging “likes” and “comments”.  You all are the best!  Those of you who have subscribed to following my blogs have encouraged me to seek the Lord for daily inspiration to offer encouragement and spiritual nourishment to my readers!  God Bless you all!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gaby1948
    Jul 25, 2012 @ 12:29:11

    Avie, I don’t know many others on Word Press YET, but I know YOU and know that this nomination is also from the Lord. You do so much for Him that helps so many of us. I, for one, don’t know what I would do without you there each day for a very welcome part of my feeding! God Bless you and I plan to search out some of the other blogs you have recommended! Love you, my sister!


    • aviesplace2012
      Jul 25, 2012 @ 14:30:18

      Thank you, Gaye! I appreciate your constant support and encouragement! It’s because of people like you that I continue to study, pray and write! Thanks for all you do to help keep me seeking the Lord.

      I love you, too, sister in Christ!


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  3. Roberta Northern
    Jul 31, 2012 @ 17:02:11

    You are such a jewel sent down from heaven above as a special gift to us the body of Jesus to encourage and inspire through His love that is flowing through you to us as the Spirit leads and pulsates with His special love and grace for each and everyone of us sent to us through you from and through Jesus and His special Holy Spirit who speaks to us soften this life and to bring us full throttle to the completetion of each of our personal visions sent from the heavenly Light of Jesus Himself.

    Thank you so much Avie for sharing all of you with all of us.


    • aviesplace2012
      Jul 31, 2012 @ 20:54:05

      Thank you, Bobbie, for such a nice note of encouragement! You are a blessing to the Body of Christ and I appreciate your dedication and loyalty to the Lord and those around you! May you have a blessed week!



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