Will You “Dare To Believe”?

Believe, God is with you



Judges 6:11-16 NLT Then the angel of the LORD came and sat beneath the oak tree at Ophrah, which belonged to Joash of the clan of Abiezer. Gideon son of Joash had been threshing wheat at the bottom of a winepress to hide the grain from the Midianites. The angel of the LORD appeared to him and said, “Mighty hero, the LORD is with you!” “Sir,” Gideon replied, “if the LORD is with us, why has all this happened to us? And where are all the miracles our ancestors told us about? Didn’t they say, ‘The LORD brought us up out of Egypt’? But now the LORD has abandoned us and handed us over to the Midianites.” Then the LORD turned to him and said, “Go with the strength you have and rescue Israel from the Midianites. I am sending you!” “But LORD,” Gideon replied, “how can I rescue Israel? My clan is the weakest in the whole tribe of Manasseh, and I am the least in my entire family!” The LORD said to him, “I will be with you. And you will destroy the Midianites as if you were fighting against one man.”

Gideon was so afraid and had such a low self-esteem that he was hiding from his enemy down in the winepress trying to thresh wheat. Wheat was threshed high up on a hill by throwing it up in the air and letting the wind separate and carry away the chaff from the wheat seed. Here he was trying to hide from the enemy and still provide for his family.

Have you ever felt like Gideon? Have you ever felt like the enemy has stolen every thing that you have ever counted important in your life? Have you ever felt like you were the least important person on the face of the earth? Gideon had such a picture of defeat in his mind that he couldn’t see past the “why’s” of what had happened. Maybe “why, God, why?” has become bigger in your mind, as it was in Gideon’s, than the thought of “who, God, who?” should be. God sent a special messenger to Gideon to deliver an important message: “You don’t have to hide from your enemies. I will empower you to defeat them. It is because of My empowering you and sending you out that you will win over the enemy.”

God has that same message to send to you today! He has placed within you the potential for greatness. It is by His strength and empowerment that you can do the things that seem to be impossibilities. Don’t allow a disability or lack of funds to hinder you from doing the great things that God has given you the dreams to fulfill. How do you see yourself? As Gideon, the least of the least? God had a different picture in mind for Gideon to meditate on.

Judges 6:34 NKJV But the Spirit of the LORD came upon Gideon; then he blew the trumpet, and the Abiezrites gathered behind him.

The original Hebrew text for the phrase, “the Spirit of the LORD came upon Gideon” actually translates as “the Spirit of the LORD clothed Himself with Gideon”. Gideon was a different person when clothed with the Spirit of the Lord. When Gideon aligned himself with God’s viewpoint of who he was empowered with God’s Spirit he was able to believe that what God had said to him would actually come to pass. He dared to believe that God’s viewpoint of him was greater than anything he thought about himself or could see happening around him. It changed him from the inside out and he began to live out of the truth of God’s word rather than his natural senses.

Judges 8:10-12 NLT By this time Zebah and Zalmunna were in Kardor with the remnant of 15,000 warriors—all that remained of the allied armies of the east—for 120,000 had already been killed. Gideon circled around by the caravan route east of Nobah and Jogbehahm, taking the Midiante army by surprise. Zebah and Zalmunna, the two Midianite kings fled, but Gideon chased them down and capture all their warriors.

Wow, here we see a different picture; the picture of what God had called Gideon to begin with, a Mighty hero; one who had saved his people from their enemies! What a difference it makes when we see ourselves as God sees us and allow Him to empower us to do what we feel is impossible. Gideon had to “dare to believe” that what God said would happen in his life.

What do you need to “dare to believe” for from God today? Are you living out of your past failures and disappoints? Do you have a dream that is unfulfilled? Do you feel as if you are about to go under for the third time? What do you need to change in your life? Is your enemy bigger than your God? Maybe it’s the enemy of poverty, or sickness or mental anguish. Whatever enemy you are fighting you can “dare to believe” God for His delivering power and victory in your very own life and situation. You are no different that Gideon. God is still in the delivering and empowering business! But you must choose to step out and follow Him. Follow His directions even when it looks like it’s an impossibility. God will not force you to believe and He will not drag you out of your complacency or fear. He has a part to play and you do as well! Your part is to believe and act on that faith and His part is to work the miracle as He cloths Himself with you. He is like the hand inside the glove and you are the glove!

The miraculous is awaiting you…..will you “dare to believe” God today?

Father, I thank You for never changing. Your word says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! And You have said in Acts 10:34 that You are no respecter of persons. What you have done in one person’s life You will do in another’s. Thank You for being faithful to Your word.

Father, I bring those before You today who need a miracle in their life. I pray that they will reach out to You and believe You for the miraculous. All power is embodied in You; there is nothing that can stand against You and You have said that all things are possible to him who believes. Father, grant them the strength and courage to believe and act on Your word. Empower them for the greatness that You have placed within them. Do the miraculous in Your people today, Father!

Thank You for the victory, Lord. It is as we trust You and follow Your directions that You will move us forward into that good plan that You have for our lives. I pray that this will be their day of deliverance and salvation. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


I Believe!


John 6:28, 29 NKJV Then they said to Him, “What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?” Jesus answered and said to them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.”

There are times in our lives when circumstances seem to cry out for us to DO something. Jesus told His disciples that their doing was not the important part, but that what they believed was the work they were to do. Why would He tell them the work they were to do was to believe in Him?

When we look at the background in which Jesus was instructing His disciples we see that they were seeking fulfillment; they were physically hungry and looking for food that would satisfy their hunger. They were confused about their physical needs being met and Jesus was trying to tell them that the real need they had was spiritual. They didn’t understand that Jesus came to satisfy the hunger of our hearts and that contentment comes only through believing, trusting in Him to fulfill what they needed and that through believing or trusting in Him they would have all that they needed; physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and materially. Jesus came that we might have life and that more abundantly. (John 10:10)

Jesus said in Matthew 6:33 that when we seek God’s kingdom, or the spiritual side of life, that the things that we have need of would be added to us; or our needs would be met through His provision as we seek or believe in Him. There is no need for worry when our trust is in Him.

Faith is the bridge

What does it mean to believe? Sometimes we try to measure Bible truths by worldly definitions. The world would say to believe would be to have a mental assent or intellectual understanding of something. But the Biblical definition of “believe” is to have faith (in, upon, or with respect to, a person or thing); to commit to trust or put your trust in that person. Now that moves believing to a whole different level. When we believe with mental assent we keep what we know to be true in our minds. But when we believe by trusting in a person or what that person has said, we move believing to an action and not just head knowledge. As an example: I can look at a chair and say that I believe that it would hold me up when I sit in it and that would be belief as in “head knowledge” based on the construction of the chair, what it looks like and my mental deduction of it’s ability to withstand my weight when I sit on it. But when I believe by the Biblical definition I would sit down in the chair and even lift my feet up off the floor because I trust in it to hold me up. One definition sees from the outside looking in and the other one sees from the inside looking out. Believing by Bible definition is placing my trust in Jesus, in all that He has said and done in relation to my need for provision; spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and materially. His promises to me are YES and AMEN according to 2 Corinthians 1:19, 20!

Looking back on John 6:29 where Jesus said that the work they were to do was to “believe” in Him now makes more sense because we understand that believing is an action word rather than a passive state. Action actually flows from a heart that believes in Jesus and what He has said. Thus, the work of God that a believer would do flows from the heart of belief that trusts in what God has said.

Romans 10:8-10 But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart,” (that is, the word of faith which we preach): that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Salvation comes through believing or trusting in the Lord Jesus as being the Son of God who was crucified and raised from the dead to give you salvation, righteousness in Him, and is put into practice, or made real in your life through the confession of your mouth of that heart belief.

John 7:38 “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”

The Holy Spirit is resident within each born again believer and flows from their innermost being like rivers of living water when they “believe”. Trusting the Holy Spirit to flow freely from the believer comes as you put your trust in Him to do what He has said.

Mark 16:17, 18 “And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; “they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

Ministry signs flow from the lives of “believers”, not “doubters”. Jesus said in John 14:12 that when we “believe in Him” the works that He did we would do also and even greater works.

John 14:12 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”

Later in John 6 Jesus went on to tell His disciples that what He had just told them about Him being the Bread of Life sent down from the Father to do His will would drive some away because they didn’t believe and were offended by what He said. He asked those closest to Him, His twelve disciples, if they, too, wanted to go away. But Simon Peter said “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” (John 6:68)

John 6:69 “Also we have come to believe and know that You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

Peter said they had come to “believe and know” that Jesus was who He said He was, the Son of the living God, and that because of that belief there was no other alternative but to follow Him. They had both the “head knowledge” and the “heart trust” in Him, in what He said, to the point of choosing Him above all that they might see or hear going on around them. Their focus was on their trust in Him.

What do you “believe” about Jesus today? Have you placed your trust in Him, first and foremost for salvation, for forgiveness of your sin? If so, what about the “work” of believing? Are you trusting that what He has placed within you, His Spirit, will flow freely from your innermost being? Are you living out of your heart trust in Him or your head knowledge? Ministering in His name flows from those who believe!

As “believers” each of us is at a different level in our faith walk. To believe for forgiveness of sin is where our faith walk begins. Then as we grow we are challenged to “believe” for different aspects of walking by faith. Sometimes we are challenged to “believe” or “trust” Him for other benefits of His redemptive act of dying on the cross for us. It might be a health challenge that we are facing, or a financial loss or setback. In those cases, we can turn to God’s word and find the promise that assures us that His provision is there if we will just “believe”.

Matthew 8:16, 17 When evening had come, they brought to Him many who were demon-possessed. And He cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were sick, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying: “He Himself took our infirmities And bore our sicknesses.”

Do you need healing for a physical infirmity or a demonic oppression? He healed the sick and delivered the demonized. This is a promise that you can “believe” or “place your trust in”.

Philippians 4:19 And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

“According to” means “in a manner consistent with”! God supplies our need in a manner consistent with His riches by or through Christ Jesus. His riches never run out; He never sustains lack; He always has the supply that is needed to meet our needs and our assurance of that comes by looking at or “believing in” what Christ Jesus did in the finished work of the cross! He traded places with us, becoming sin, sickness and a curse for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him. He laid aside His deity to take our place on the cross. We deserved to die in our sin but He chose to trade places with us to die in our place that we might have life and that more abundantly!

Isaiah 43:10-13 NLT “But you are my witnesses, O Israel!” says the LORD. “And you are my servant. You have been chosen to know me, believe in me, and understand that I alone am God. There is no other Savior. First I predicted your deliverance; I declared what I would do, and then I did it—I saved you. No foreign god has ever done this before. You are witnesses that I am the only God,” says the LORD. “From eternity to eternity I am God. No one can oppose what I do. No one can reverse my actions.”


Hebrews 1:3 NLT The Son reflects God’s own glory, and everything about him represents God exactly. He sustains the universe by the mighty power of his command. After he died to cleanse us from the stain of sin, he sat down in the place of honor at the right hand of the majestic God of heaven.

Will you believe today?

Father, I thank You for delivering me from the power of darkness and conveying me into the Son of Your love. I thank You for paying the price, Lord Jesus, for my salvation and I thank You, Holy Spirit, for living within me and flowing from me to effect change in the hearts and lives of people today!

Father, I pray for those who may not know Jesus as Savior and Lord, that today might be their day of salvation, the day when they place their trust in Him as being the One true God who died to take their place on the cross as the punishment for their sin. I ask You to pull down the blinders that Satan has hung over their minds that is blinding them to the light of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, that they might come to salvation.


I pray also, for those who are struggling with needs today, Father, that they might see You as their need-meeter. And that they would “believe” the promises that You have given in Your word to supply their need. Father, for those who are sick in body I pray that they will “believe” that it is by the stripes of Jesus that they are healed and that they will see that Jesus carried their sicknesses that they might not have to carry them. I pray that Your word will become alive within them and effect the healing of their physical beings.


Father, for those who are oppressed by the devil, mentally and emotionally I ask that You would deliver them as they place their trust in You for freedom from all that the devil uses to oppress them. I pray that they would “believe” today that they are free in Christ Jesus!


Thank You, Father, for meeting the financial needs of those who may be experiencing loss of job or home or finances. Father, You have made provision for their every need and I thank You for meeting it!


Father, these things I bring before You this morning requesting in the name of Jesus and declaring that I believe that I receive when I pray. Amen.


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