What Are You Feeding Your Mind?


Romans 10:17 AMP So then faith comes by hearing [what is told], and what is heard comes comes by the preaching [of the message that came from the lips] of Christ (the Messiah Himself).

Faith comes by hearing what is told! Whatever you hear the most freqently is what you will place your faith in. It works in the negative as well as the positive. If you hear condemnation, negativity, doom and gloom your heart will respond with a low self esteeem, fear of failure and depression. Your actions will follow because every action is birthed through your thoughts. The primary attack of the devil, the accuser of the brethen, comes through his arrows of negative thoughts shot into your mind. That’s why God’s word says in 2 Corinthians 10:5 that we are to take every thought captive and bring it into the obedience of Christ. Brother Kenneth Hagin used to say that you can’t stop a bird from flying over your head but you can stop him from building a nest in your hair. Well, you can’t stop negative thoughts from coming into your mind, but you CAN stop them from taking root and growing there.

To have faith in God’s good plan for your life and to refute the negative thoughts that come into your mind you must arrest the negative ones and replace them with the truth of God’s word. Satan will try to set up a stronghold in your mind through repetitive thoughts. Philippians 4:8 in the Amplified Bible says that we are to “fix our minds” on good thoughts.

Many are fearful today because they are hearing the bad that is going on in the world. They then “fix their thoughts” on ISIS, fighting and unrest in the world, persecution and horrible acts of mistreatment. Then the thought comes that “what if “it happens to me? And from there fear takes root in the heart. If a person “feeds” on horror movies those will be the thoughts that constantly come up in the subconscious mind. Many of the horrible acts of mass shootings are the acts of children’s minds that have fed on video games and T.V. shows where those things, or like things, are the focus. They are simply acting out what they have focused on through their young lives.

God has a good plan for each person’s life. In order to experience it you must have faith in the “good” that He has planned for you and “refute” the negative thoughts that go against His word about you and for you. The only way that can happen is by “hearing” and “hearing” the word of God and listening to His voice through prayer and Bible study. If you hear His voice though His word and by His Spirit and then confess the good news of His Gospel over your life you will evetually change or “renew” your mind so that the negative isn’t what you are believing and expecting to happen in your life. Focus on God’s word, not what is happening around you!

Father, I thank You for the good plan that You have for our lives.  I thank You that we can guard our hearts through listenting to Your voice and even though their are bad things happening in our world we can have security in knowing that Your word says that You give Your angels charge over us to guard us and keep us in all our ways when we make You our refuge.  Father, I ask You to help us to build our faith in Your word so the enemy can’t set up a stronghold of fear in our hearts and minds.  Remind us to feed on Your word, to builld our faith that You will protect us from the evil one that only comes to steal, kill and destroy.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen


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  1. sharon robinson
    Apr 22, 2015 @ 19:08:06

    Thanks Avies Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2015 13:00:35 +0000 To: sharonrobinson40@hotmail.com


  2. Laura Mottern
    May 04, 2015 @ 16:15:46

    This posting about God’s love..loving me unconditionally. .I don’t have to be afraid of circumstances surrounding my life..I am a daughter of the God most High. . These postings have comforted me greatly..reminding me of his Word. Thank you


    • aviesplace2012
      May 04, 2015 @ 16:55:24

      You’re welcome! Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I’m glad you were comforted by it. God DOES love you unconditionally. There is nothing you can do to cause Him to love you any more or less than He loves you at any given moment. He loves because He is love! And when you were at your worst He gave Jesus to die for you. So if He loved you then why would He love you any less now? ….just something to think about.

      God bless!


  3. dukeorok
    May 09, 2015 @ 07:58:37

    Thank you Avie. That was a good reminder. Our security is in God.


  4. cindyhfrench
    Aug 01, 2015 @ 10:18:52

    Avie, this is so very, very true! I have completely changed my reading, TV and movie habits because God spoke to me about what I was allowing into my mind. This last 8 months, because of that particularly, I think He has been able to speak to me about issues I didn’t even know I had! I believe that individually God would have us be knowledgeable and prepared about what is going on, but not afraid. We should be secure in knowing He is working His Plan. All these things must be accomplished for Jesus to come back. If I didn’t know how things end and that He wins, it would be easy to be fearful! That is the message I give people. Praise Him that I am still able to witness of Him most every day in my work. I guess that’s why He still has me at it and still here. I had 2 really bad asthma attacks earlier and spent a week each time in the hospital. Something I haven’t done in a long while.
    Yes, when I had my voice back, I was sharing about my Lord to the people there.
    Don’t you know it! My husband wishes that it didn’t have to be so life and death for me to be in the hospital witnessing. But I told him, maybe if it weren’t, people wouldn’t listen…
    I just know what my Jesus expects me to do. To Him be the glory!


    • aviesplace2012
      Aug 02, 2015 @ 06:23:33

      Thank you, Cindy.. it’s so good to hear from you. I’m so glad you got your voice back and was able to once again share your faith. Yes, it is absolutely vital that we watch what we take into our hearts as well as what comes out of them.

      To God be the glory!


  5. blessedart1111
    Aug 14, 2015 @ 00:51:26

    Amen! Good word

    Be a Blessing!



  6. aviesplace2012
    Aug 14, 2015 @ 07:36:56

    Thank you, LaTrice!

    Blessings to you!


  7. Amole Amos
    Oct 06, 2015 @ 13:28:32

    Thank you for the message, I have just see myself in the mirror of his words again that what devil used to attack me is negative thoughts. More of His grace in your life in JESUS name.


    • aviesplace2012
      Oct 06, 2015 @ 20:32:40

      You’re welcome. Thank you for stopping by to read and respond to it! May God continue to enlighten your heart to those negative thoughts that the devil uses against you. Resist them, in the name of Jesus, and embrace the truth of His word. Proclaiming His promises out loud will help to dispel the negative thoughts.

      God bless!


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